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Who decides child custody?

Wisconsin is a "best interests of the child" state when it comes to splitting up custody and time between mom and dad. This standard means a judge will review all filings and circumstances presented as evidence before making a decision based on what she or he believes is best for the children.

What factors impact how a judge may rule? Do you have to let a judge decide your fate, or can you do something before it gets that far? Understanding some of the factors a court uses in determining custody and placement may help you craft a plan before the judge steps in.

How to recognize debt settlement scams

Regardless of how you accrued it, having substantial debt has the capacity to keep you up at night. Maybe you are finding yourself deep in debt because of unanticipated medical bills, or maybe your car died, or you had trouble keeping up with bills or your credit card payments. Once you start to fall into debt, however, it can prove tremendously difficult to dig your way out, and regrettably, some for-profit companies may try to take advantage of your desperation.

More specifically, some debt settlement companies operate under unethical means, and they may engage in unsavory tactics in their efforts to get you to pay up. Therefore, before you sign on to work with one, it may prove wise to do your research. In some cases, signing on with unscrupulous debt settlement agencies can end up plunging you even further into debt. So, what can you do to avoid finding yourself involved in a debt settlement scam? The first step in avoiding potential debt settlement scams involves learning how to identify them from the get-go.

Frequently asked questions about child custody in Wisconsin

If you are facing a divorce in the state of Wisconsin, and you have children, one of the most important things you should know about is the law regarding child custody and visitation. Especially if your divorce looks to be a contentious one, prepare to exercise your rights to protect your children when it comes to how the court orders custody and visitation.

There are many questions that divorcing parents have about child custody and visitation in Wisconsin, from the definitions of legal terms to how the court system determines which parent gets custody of the children. Here are three of the most common questions to give you some more basic information on this topic.

3 mistakes to avoid when starting an LLC

Starting a new business is exciting. As an entrepreneur, you may want to start a limited liability company due to its many advantages regarding personal liability and pass-through taxation. While an LLC can be relatively easy to set up, you should be careful not to make any costly mistakes.

If you make errors while forming your LLC, you may run into a variety of frustrating problems, such as expensive fines and complex legal issues. Here are common miscalculations you should avoid when establishing your LLC. 

3 tips for driving safely in Wisconsin winters

Winter in Wisconsin is often unpredictable. The Great Lakes region is prone to sudden snow and ice, which makes the simple task of driving more difficult and dangerous. Whether you are going on a long distance trip or you are simply going down the block to the store, you may easily become a victim in a winter car accident.

While other motorists may be negligent or not have enough winter driving experience, you can improve your safety by adhering to some simple guidelines. Here is how you can stay safe on the icy Wisconsin roads.

3 tips for talking about your estate plan during the holidays

As the holidays approach, there are several opportunities for you to talk to your family about your estate plan. You may be thinking about how uncomfortable this may be, but discussing how you plan to distribute your assets after your death is never exactly a comfortable experience no matter the setting. 

Do not let the holiday season pass by without at least considering a discussion about your estate plan. This could be one of the few times you are all together. Here is how to approach this opportunity. 

What happens if I do not make a will in Wisconsin?

Planning your estate in advance is essential towards ensuring your wishes are carried out. If you do not leave distinct dispositions that may include instruments such as a will or a trust, Wisconsin law steps in with its own provisions for distributing your property.

Some people think they have a valid will. However, a will that fails to comply with technical requirements or that succumbs to a challenge in probate court will not be enforced. In the absence of a valid will, intestacy provisions will apply.

3 reasons to hire an attorney after a car accident

Getting in an auto accident raises a whole series of questions. Whose fault was it? How will my medical bills get paid? Can I get reimbursed for lost income? When should I contact an attorney, if at all? These questions and more are likely swirling in your mind and you need some answers, fast.

The time following a car collision can be full of confusion. Here are three reasons why you should call an attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

A co-parenting plan helps children adjust to life after divorce

Breaking up a family is a difficult and painful undertaking. There are many hurdles to overcome, but the children's welfare must be a primary consideration for divorcing parents. Children will react to the new circumstances differently, depending on their age. They must be assured that they are more important to you than whatever it was that ended your marriage, and that your love for them will endure, no matter what. However, the prospect of dealing with two homes and a visitation schedule are going to require a good deal of adjustment. Developing a co-parenting plan will help to ease the transition.

Retirement plans and divorce

When you hear of a divorce in the works, your first thought might be that it is a young couple. However, many middle-aged and older couples decide to end their marriages. In terms of assets, an ex-spouse may be entitled to a portion of the funds from the other party's retirement account. Consequently, the disposition of retirement plans may be a major consideration in the divorce settlement.


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