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A co-parenting plan helps children adjust to life after divorce

Breaking up a family is a difficult and painful undertaking. There are many hurdles to overcome, but the children's welfare must be a primary consideration for divorcing parents. Children will react to the new circumstances differently, depending on their age. They must be assured that they are more important to you than whatever it was that ended your marriage, and that your love for them will endure, no matter what. However, the prospect of dealing with two homes and a visitation schedule are going to require a good deal of adjustment. Developing a co-parenting plan will help to ease the transition.

Retirement plans and divorce

When you hear of a divorce in the works, your first thought might be that it is a young couple. However, many middle-aged and older couples decide to end their marriages. In terms of assets, an ex-spouse may be entitled to a portion of the funds from the other party's retirement account. Consequently, the disposition of retirement plans may be a major consideration in the divorce settlement.


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